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We are a residential recovery program for men where they learn about recovery and life from others who have walked their path


Information on Advocate House

The Advocate House is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit recovery residence that has been operating since 2012.

The Mission of the Advocate House is to provide a drug and alcohol free residence for people where they can learn about recovery and life from other people who have walked their path. When a person decides to get clean and sober, life can be overwhelming. The Advocate House promotes and supports people in getting their GED if needed and full time employment. The Advocate House can assist people in getting any clinical assistance needed. We work a program based on the 12 Steps of the Alcoholics Anonymous’ Big Book. We learn as people in recovery how to enjoy life, have a peace of mind, and become a productive member of society.

The Executive Director is Julia Borders, who does it on a voluntary basis. She has been employed full time since 1985 with the Federal Government. She believes in the work her husband is doing and tries to help him wherever possible.

The Director of Operations is Bobby Borders. Through God’s Grace and the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous he has celebrated continuous sobriety since 2001.   He on-site most days and nights of the week to support the residents. There are also resident advisers that live there full-time to support the residents. 


The Board Members include Julia Borders, Bobby Borders, Patrick Grace, Jeff Steele, Matthew Adkins, and Stephen Thompson.

The mask is the symbol of the broken person in addiction.  The Phoenix is the symbol of rebirth.
The mask is the symbol of the broken person in addiction. The Phoenix is the symbol of rebirth.

Beds Available

Advocate House has beds for men available

Complete an application and email it to us at admin@advocatehouse.com  If you have any questions you can send us an email or complete the Contact Us section of this website.

Grant Writer Needed

Advocate House needs a Grant Writer

We are looking for a Grant Writer.  If you are looking to assist people in recovery this would be a great opportunity for you.  We are a small non-profit and could use your assistance.  If you have any questions or need further information complete the Contact Us section of this website.


Licensed Counselor & Psychologist is employed at Advocate House

The Advocate House is pleased to announce that Mr. Stephen A. Thompson (Andy) who we have known since 1999 has come to work for Advocate House as a counselor. Andy has a Master’s Degree in Independent Clinical Social Work, Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and an Associate’s Degree in Behavioral Sciences.

Andy has worked at The Counseling Center, Ironton Medical, Family Guidance Center, and Prestera as a counselor. He taught classes on Counseling at Ohio University, Child Psychology at Shawnee State University, Social Work at Moorehead State University, and Psychology at the University of Charleston. Andy has always been an outstanding teacher in the recovery community, both as a professional and as an individual. He is very well liked and respected.

Most of the residents coming into Advocate House, due to their personal circumstances require counseling. They were raised by alcoholic and/or drug addicted parents, in dysfunctional homes, or were traumatized in other ways and we wanted to add counseling to our program to assist our residents in getting healthy and maintaining their sobriety. We are very excited about Andy coming on board with the Advocate House. With our structure and Andy’s professional skills and personal experiences he will be a great asset to the Advocate House and our residents.

Advocate House

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